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          Images of what the Allies found when they liberated the first Nazi death camps towards the end of World War II brought the horror of the Holocaust to world attention.
          Going green can be a costly business, as the EU's executive body will make clear on Tuesday when it launches a one-trillion-euro plan to finance its goal of making the bloc carbon neutral by 2050.
          The trial of President Donald Trump for abuse of power and obstruction could open within days as House of Representatives leader Nancy Pelosi convenes Democrats early Tuesday to discuss sending impeachment charges to the Senate.
          New Iranian data wiper malware hast struck Bapco, Bahrain's national oil company.The malwareis dubbed “Dustman” by the Saudi Arabia National Cybersecurity Authority, as Chris Kennedy of AttackIQ explains.
          Ultrasound is a non-invasive and safe imaging tool that is just shy of being perfect, if it wasn’t for human error. This is an issue that DiA have been working on, with the help of IBM Watson Health.
          The announcement of the new Russian unmanned Sukhoi S70 sixth generation fighter includes a few stings. This machine is designed as a supersonic stealth plane, with a lot of hardware and hard points.
          As e-commerce becomes increasingly popular and home delivery services rise, the risks of packages being stolen outside of people’s homes increases. This has opened up a new avenue for technological solutions.
          Chinese diplomacy has found a new voice on Twitter -- and it's not entirely diplomatic.
          In what is likely the Goopiest Goop product ever launched, Gwyneth Paltrow, has started selling candles that smell like her vagina - for $75. Not only did they sell out, but Twitter users had a fantastically funny response. Are you ready for a few laughs?
          Donald Trump's election gave the United States its first Twitter-based presidency - while giving Americans a crash-course on how to use misinformation and outright lies as a propaganda tool in moving your agenda forward.
          Brazil's education minister has been ridiculed on social media for making a spelling mistake on Twitter.
          NASA has reported it has detected an Earth-like planet that has all the indications of being habitable. This forms part of the space agency’s attempt to seek out new planets of interest in the cosmos.
          Researchers said Monday that new techniques have allowed them to identify the oldest solid material ever found on earth.
          A new investigation finds that Manuka honey could help with the recovery of patients from certain post-operative infections. This is due to the antimicrobial properties of the chemicals within the honey, confirming some earlier studies.
          One of the clear signs of climate change is rising ocean levels. Now a joint mission involving the US and Europe is launching a pair of satellites starting in November 2020, to provide more detailed information about rising sea levels.
          Japanese auto giant Nissan is "in no way" planning to end its partnership with Renault, the Japanese automaker insisted Tuesday after a report suggested a divorce was possible in the wake of the Carlos Ghosn scandal.
          The bodies of at least 29 people have been unearthed from a mass grave on a property outside Mexico's western city of Guadalajara, local authorities said Monday.
          The Canadian government has yet to decide whether it will assume the security costs associated with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's decision to split their time between Canada and Britain, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday.
          Kosovans voted for change last October but are still waiting to see it -- the politicians who were supposed to oust the old guard have been unable to forge a coalition, raising fears of fresh, destabilising elections.
          Iran's only female Olympic medallist Kimia Alizadeh announced Saturday she has permanently left her country, citing the "hypocrisy" of a system she claims humiliates athletes while using them for political ends.
          World record holder swimmer Ryan Murphy (men's 100 meter backstroke) is the "One to Watch" this June at the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials in Omaha, Nebraska.
          United States World Cup icon Megan Rapinoe Friday vowed that athletes "will not be silenced" after the International Olympic Committee warned against political protests at the Tokyo Games.
          Cricket star Shane Warne's "baggy green" cap sold at auction for more than Aus$1 million (nearly $700,000) Friday, with all funds going to help victims of bushfires raging in Australia.
          American director Spike Lee was named president of this year's Cannes film festival jury on Tuesday, becoming the first black head of the panel.
          Adam Lambert has a major reason to be content. He has been nominated for a 2020 GLAAD Media Award. This year's ceremony will take place on April 16 at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, California.
          Veteran rock singer-songwriter and producer Todd Rundgren will be performing at The Paramount in Huntington on Long Island on May 28.
          On January 13, The Charlie Daniels Band and The Marshall Tucker Band announced that they will be embarking on their "Fire on the Mountain" Tour.
          Iraq is interested in purchasing Russian S-300 air defense systems.Russia's S-300 and S-400 systems have been popular purchases as many consider them more cost-effective than US alternatives while still top of the line.
          Cybersecurity specialist company DivvyCloud has announced record results for 2019 as well as the appointment of Brandie Kalinowski as vice president of people and culture and David Geevaratne as vice president of North American sales.
          Lime, the largest electric scooter-sharing company on the globe will lay off 14 percent about 100 of its workers and will exit 12 markets according to a recent report. The action comes as ridership has probably dropped during the winter.
          Walgreens just released its earnings and fell short by 5 percent.m The healthcare giant is one of many companies in the sector being forced to compete with the likes of Amazon, and the share price drop reflects market uncertainty.
          A new virus from the same family as the deadly SARS disease has spread beyond China's borders for the first time with a case emerging in Thailand, UN and Thai officials said on Monday.
          A new study finds that to help avoid cognitive decline in old age, people need to engage in two or more mentally stimulating activities. The researchers tested out different activities to assess what works best for those entering a more advanced age.
          China on Saturday reported the first death from a virus believed to be from the same family as the SARS pathogen that killed hundreds in China and Hong Kong more than a decade ago.
          Nearly one in three adults in Hong Kong reported symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder during months of often violent social unrest in the city, according to a study published in The Lancet medical journal Friday.
          Victims of an Iran-downed jetliner would still be alive if not for a recent escalation of tensions partly triggered by the United States, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday.
          On Friday President Trump said he believed that assassinated Iranian General Qassem Soleimani was plotting to attack four US embassies. However, Trump offered no evidence for his belief. The appended video contains Trump's remarks on the imminent attacks.
          Five MPs formally entered the race Monday to succeed Jeremy Corbyn as leader of Britain's main opposition Labour party, and rebuild their movement after last month's disastrous election.
          Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez's new government took office Monday facing the challenge of finding a solution to the Catalan crisis after controversially agreeing to start talks with the separatists.
          U.S. coal-fired power plants shut down at the second-fastest pace on record in 2019, lowering carbon dioxide emissions, air pollution, and ozone levels.
          New climate models show carbon dioxide is a more potent greenhouse gas than previously understood, a finding that could push the Paris treaty goals for capping global warming out of reach, scientists have told AFP.
          Thirty percent of Earth's surface across land and sea should become protected areas by 2030 to ensure the viability of ecosystems essential to human wellbeing, according to a UN plan released Monday.
          Exhausted firefighters said they had finally brought Australia's largest "megablaze" under control Monday, as wet weather promised to deliver much-needed respite for countryside ravaged by bushfires.
          When Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido called for street protests at the weekend in a bid to rekindle popular outrage against President Nicolas Maduro, only a few hundred people turned up.
          Six tourists, including a French woman, have been arrested over accusations that they damaged Peru's cultural heritage by defecating in a sacred temple at the iconic Machu Picchu sanctuary.
          A new virus from the same family as the deadly SARS disease has spread beyond China's borders for the first time with a case emerging in Thailand, UN and Thai officials said on Monday.
          On January 11, this journalist was afforded the privilege to dine at the Greek eatery Aegean Cafe in Sayville on Long Island.